Roseberry Tailoring

Suits you Sir.

Roseberry Tailoring is a new, luxury, bespoke tailoring company for ladies and gentlemen.  A first class service and hand made garments underpins their brand.  We were tasked with creating a logotype that would help to establish the brand quickly and convey individuality and attention to detail.  We designed and built an E-Commerce website to launch Roseberry into the marketplace.

Brand Identity

Using a graphic illustration of a thread and needle we have formed the letter ‘R’ .  This device will be used with the logotype and separately once the brand is more established.  It also works well on areas of clothing, clothing labels and packaging. The logo can be used in black, white and a single colour giving it maximum flexibility for use in print, on clothing and digitally.

E-Commerce Website

We needed to find a balance between the tradition elements of bespoke tailoring and a young and innovative company.  This has been achieved by using clean lines, a contemporary typeface, tailoring graphics (chalk lines, cloths etc) and dynamic photography.

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