Creating a new sports clothing brand

Vivimoss is a new sports and leisure clothing retailer. The brand is all about a healthy lifestyle and creating clothing that transcends from leisure to sport and vice versa.

We created the brand from scratch including running a workshop to devise the name. ‘vivimos’ in Spanish means ‘we live’ and ‘a toast to life’. We simply added an extra ‘s’ to personalise it for business owner Lauren Moss and Vivimoss was born.

We designed a brand identity and logotype that would work effectively as a marketing tool as well as brand application to the clothing line.

Using letters from the name we have created a simple graphic of a sit up pose. You’ll see how flexible the graphics are when applied to a variety of platforms including business cards, labelling, packaging etc.

We also designed and built an E-commerce website with our digital associate Made With Web – take a peak at


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